It was the best and worst trip of my life

I had hinted and at times flat-out lied to get her to come. Two weeks of pestering. Two weeks of flirty text messages and messages on her AIM. This camping trip was going to mark the beginning of our time as we.

And then she invited her. Talulah. Black hair, tan skin, city edgy break-dancing cool kid. When I heard Mina talk about her I felt like I was being dragged down by an army of ants. Each word and half smile that followed picked me apart cell by cell. I melted and Mina invited Talulah to stomp in the puddle. Even the prospect of spending an amazing long weekend with my friends, on the lake, with a bunch of good weed and a bunch of good music was not enough to reconstruct me. My mind was made up and I was going to hold myself on this side of the violent pendulum swing far from the elation I had experienced when Mina agreed to go in the first place.

Only Jack convinced me to go telling me that there is more to life than Mina. But he had never seen her. I could tell he would change his tune the instant she crossed his path.

The drive up did me well, it was only Jack and I since the girls and rest were coming in separately. Jack and I did our usual male bonding in the car talking about guy stuff, smoking cigarettes and taking our pitstops on the side of the road pissing downwind for distance. Jack is good guy. Tall and athletically built. Lacrosse and swimming, never had trouble with girls, which is why he was so easily able to tell me to dismiss the only one I thought was worth the trouble to pursue. Girls don’t come to me like they do to him. I have to work. Jack doesn’t understand the toil and trouble that went in my getting Mina to come. He doesn’t know what it feels like to melt.

We got there first set up camp finally breaking into a large reserve of beer and twisting up the first of many, many joints. I set up my tent hoping to share it with somebody but really knowing that I’d be alone in there.

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