BS Art

“Why’s it sticking through like that?” asked the 7-year-old boy with the baseball cap.

The artist wanted to capture the invasiveness of receiving such a thing. She says, the shock value is the backbone.

“Some sort of bone, amirite?!” exclaimed the half-drunk father of the boy.

The tour guide ignored that smirk and carried on. “In the twenty teens this sort of texting, sexting if you will, was a common occurrence. The artist, mind you, was a young lady in her mid-twenties during this era. Mobile phones with cameras were ubiquitous and self expression, especially surreptitious sexual expression was increasingly at the fore.”

“But it didn’t really come out like that, did it?” asked the boy again. “That technology hadn’t come out yet.”

“Very astute. Yes, you can see this piece was prescient in that it conveyed technology that was still decades in the future. The artist captured, in her shock, the blueprint for today’s quotidian exchange. In her memoirs she quips, ‘lying in bed, only the glow of the phone. Amid baby pics and puppy pics, out of nowhere the dude who got your number at the bar the other day sends you a dick pic. Once I was so shocked by it I dropped my phone and it fell on my face, chipping a tooth.’”

“You see now, the image on her phone was only an image, but in this instance it was tangible experience. It WAS in her face, and now you see the inspiration for her piece, ‘3D Touch.’”

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