Old Ball and Chain

Break out the cava, we got married, again.

For those of you not yet privy to our civil status we got legally married on 14 April 2010 in Monterey, California. On 16 July 2011 we consummated the marriage so to speak by having a ceremonial ceremony and then the official reception near Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Now that Facebook says we are married, it is as official as it gets and even though Amaia has been my wife for more than a year, I was calling her my fiancée until our re-enacted marriage. Yes, this is all very confusing but at least you don’t have to remember all the dates.

Our first wedding (the legally binding one) took place one fateful evening in Monterey on, as the Spanish will remember it: the Day of the Republic (the day the Second Spanish Republic was proclaimed), and as the Americans will remember it: the day before tax day. Our friends Magda and Andy had invited us and another couple to a dinner at their apartment. Earlier that day Amaia and I had just gone to the court to get the necessary paperwork to get married and were secretly planning to present our friends with the onus of being our minister and witnesses to our union. The other couple involved, Sonja and Mike, had agreed to do the ceremony but we had yet to set a date for the actual affair. Mike is a minister of the Universal Life Church and ordained to perform all sorts of holy stuff. Little did he know that that night he would perform his fourth wedding.

Minister and the altar

Black-tie affair

The second wedding took place on 16 July 2011 at the Bodega de Parrado near Las Palmas. It was a lovely evening filled with love, tears, laughter and interpretations. Unfortunately, Mike and Sonja were not able to make it to this wedding but Andy and Magda performed our ceremonial ceremony in English and Spanish. And they nailed it.

If you need something done right, go with the Germans.

Looking back, we had 13+ months to plan this thing and it was still stressful. We were doing things up until 6pm the day before. That, by all counts, may actually be good but wow, these suckers are a bit complicated. You stress and you stress, poring over matrimonial minutia you’ve read in Real Simple and other such publications (Read: that Amaia read and I skimmed.) and when it’s actually happening, I mean, when you’re there at the end of the aisle with some 180 eyes on you, you get some serious tunnel vision. I heard only white noise broken up by my mom and sisters sniffling. I saw only one person at a time but like you do with a Magic Eye poster, my eyes were blurred and I could only offer a goofy grin to those looking at me. Luckily, this doesn’t last long because everybody gets tired of looking at the groom real quick when the bride is cued.

And why shouldn't they?

The details that mattered so much just a few hours prior are absorbed into the wedding constant, no longer affecting the outcome. You realize how trivial many things are and that all that matters is all that matters.


I would like to thank everyone who held a moment for us in their thoughts, present or not, as we made our marriage official. It was the best day of my life and I am truly fortunate to have such a beautiful bride, loving family and amazing friends. Without all of you we would have probably just eaten the whole jamón ourselves. Thanks for helping 🙂

We probably could have done it...

Watch out, Spain.

Wedding par-tay!

One last thank you. Thank you, Spain for hosting us and only taking 6 months for that residency card and making me Salvadorian for a spell and making Tropical. As a small token of our appreciation…

...we give you the Rodeo Whopper. You're welcome, Jamónlandia.

[el dk]


  1. LOVE this post and the newly married (for the second time) couple! Y’all are definitely a dynamic duo– all that smart and good looking in one place– and I was so happy to be a witness to your effing awesome celebration. Soooo much Tropical, jamon and dancing. Besos!

  2. VB

    When I grow up, I want to be like Amaia and Dustin! Congrats on your big dayss. Though I only witnessed your weddings through pictures and from afar, I can tell you guys are in loooove and your weddings seemed really special. I also enjoyed your post. I’ll have to remember to keep it real simple while reading Real Simple and the like.
    Much love from Eyes Like Caauuwww

  3. Laura

    Hola parejita:

    I did not know you got married on 2010. Congrats! And date was perfect. You look like a very romantic couple (in the original sense). I hope to see you soon. Take care!


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