The Internet’s First Blog Post Ever


  1. Awesome work, you two! I’m so excited for your future endeavors, and I know you’ll do great things. Thanks for the shout-out to Creative Distillery– as self-employed folks, we know how eating and sleeping under a roof and all takes priority over other things sometimes.

    Also, the Paint reference made me laugh. What about Print Shop, circa 1995? I was amazing with that program.

  2. Hey Gill,

    Thanks and we’re holding down the self-employed fort ’round these parts. Not that the fort is self-employed but that would be cool too, I would name it Bragg. Anyway, I can’t remember if I had Print Shop, I think in ’95 my computer filled up the den and I used the punch cards to make punch-card houses.

  3. Too funny! I have taught myself Photoshop over the last year…needless to say my mad skills in Printshop, Paint and, last but not least, Kid Pix, have not come in remotely handy. 🙂 Props on the logo – no small feat.

    • Hey Sierra!

      I totally know how you feel. I just got word from a designer whose blog I started following that she uses Illustrator for logos. Great, another week or two scratching the surface of that tool.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment and let’s catch up. I am interested in seeing how you are doing with the Photo/Video industry!

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